About Me

I’m always curious about
the authors whose books I read.
Still, it always surprises me
when someone asks me about
how I grew up, what made me
decide to become a writer,
why I write children’s books
and all kinds of other questions
about me and my writing.  

What’s New?

LOOK! Babies Head to Toe

My second board book, LOOK! Babies Head to Toe has just been published! My first board book, WHO! A Celebration of Babies, was published just a year ago. LOOK! which is beautifully illustrated by Anoosha Syed, introduces our youngest children, our infants and toddlers, to many parts of their bodies. It is filled with fun, repetitive sounds and a melodic voice that names body parts from head to toe along with illustrations that are bound to engage and delight infants and toddlers. We just bet that LOOK! will also captivate adults when sharing it with babies and toddlers. Do check out this helpful note card full of ideas on how to share LOOK! with infants—even young infants—and toddlers. Here is the link to the note card: abramsbooks.com


NOW WHAT? A Math Tale

NOW WHAT? A Math Tale is the second of two early math picture books I have written and Chris Chatterton has illustrated. Our first early math book was CRASH! BOOM! A Math tale. Our second early math book, NOW WHAT?, is the story of Puppy, who wants to build a bed out of blocks, one that is wide enough and long enough for a snooze. But when Puppy discovers that aren’t enough rectangles, squares, and triangle blocks to build a bed, Puppy laments “NOW WHAT?” Build, measure, count, compare! Join Puppy, who discovers a myriad of math concepts along the way and tries again and again and again and finally succeeds and figures out how blocks of different shapes and sizes can fit together to build a bed that’s just the right size for a snooze.

Do check out this TERRIFIC TIP CARD. Although this was written for teachers, these tips also give parents and caregivers some ideas when reading to and sharing NOW WHAT?! with a young child.


CRASH! BOOM! A Math Tale

CRASH! BOOM! A Math Tale is the first of two early math picture books I wrote with art created by the amazing Chris Chatterton. This is the story of Elephant who has a bucket of blocks and wants to build something tall. Something as tall as Elephant. But will it stay up? CRASH! BOOM! Not this time. Build it again? One block. Two blocks? Four blocks? It’s still not as tall as Elephant. More blocks! Now will it stay up? Now will it be as tall as Elephant? Build, balance, count—question, estimate, measure—predict, crash, and build again! Young children will happily follow along as Elephant goes through the ups and downs of creating something new and finally celebrates the joy and pride of success.

Do check out this TERRIFIC TIP CARD. Although this was written for teachers, these tips also give parents and caregivers some ideas when reading to and sharing CRASH! BOOM! with a young child.


WHO? A Celebration of Babies

WHO? A Celebration of Babies, illustrated by the endearing art of Natascha Rosenberg, is the first of two early board books I have written. Both are intended for very young babies, older babies, and toddlers. WHO? is all about the beloved people, pets, AND objects in an infant’s day-to-day life. The book features all kinds of babies, even a set of twins. CUDDLE UP with an infant or toddler. Read or sing this story and have a special time together as you both hear the words, look at the art, and discover “WHO? WHO’S THAT?” each time a page turns.


WHO WE ARE book cover

The times we live in and our children are living through, even our young children, calls for a book about respecting one another despite our differences Check out illustrator Nadine Bernard Westcott’s and my most recent book together, WHO WE ARE! All About Being The Same and Being Different.
Read more about WHO WE ARE!
Join in the fun with Nellie, Gus, baby Jake and their parents at Funland as they go on rides, watch a performer, and play games with many other kids and adults—a story that can help children understand that although each of us is the same in many ways and different in many ways, treating each other with respect still matters.

What’s Next?

It’s so exciting for me that a new artist has signed a contract and has already begun creating the art for a new picture book of mine to be published in early 2021. This magnificent fine artist, who has never illustrated a children’s book, has just the right sensibilities when it comes to portraying children, a beautiful sense of color, and so much more that he brings to his work. I know he will create art for this book that will captivate not only young children, but those of all ages. Stay tuned.


I am in the middle of writing a new nonfiction book, which is under contract, for kids roughly ten and up on a current topic that affects each and everyone of us, including preteens and teens. The topic I am writing about is daunting and challenging. But a good challenge is what keeps writing, revising, rewriting, and collecting new source material almost each and every day. The best part of my research so far has been interviewing kids ages nine to fifteen about the topics in this book. Today’s kids have a lot to say and don’t  always agree with one another. But they are the driving force of this book—the force that keeps me working on this book and thinking about it almost 24/7 each and every day. Stay tuned. Whoops, forgot to say that this book is also under contract.


I am continuing to work on an new picture book—it’s fiction—that’s almost working. But I just can’t get 4 lines of it to work just right, just yet. SoI find myself working on it an hour or so at a time, every few days or so. I love writing fiction for young children. And as ideas pop into my head, I find myself writing notes, notes, and more notes not only about this picture book, but also a story I might work on next. Yep, the ideas do not stop rushing into my brain. And who knows which of those ideas will pop into a new book or a book I will be writing in the future or even a book I am writing now. The ideas popping into my head—that’s the easy part. For me, the hard part is the actual writing. But no complaints from me. Writing and figuring out the story, even though I find all that hard to do, it’s what I love doing.