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Articles and Interviews
Too Much Information: Books About the Birds and the Bees
by Jill Lepore
The New Yorker
October 18, 2010
Young Children’s Deepest Thoughts and Strongest Feelings
Excerpts from a presentation by Robie H. Harris at the Reach Out and Read of Greater New York Conference
at Scholastic Press, NYC
June 17, 2008
How to Have ‘The Talk’
by Kellie B. Gormly
Pittsburgh Tribune Review
January 9, 2007
Writing: In the Best Interests of the Child
by Robie H. Harris
CBC Magazine
Answering young children’s questions and concerns about the birds and the bees
TODAY SHOW appearance
July 2006
Sex Ed Resources
by Elizabeth Bernstein
Wall Street Journal
June 15, 2006
Meet the Author
May/June 2006
Vol. 3, No. 9
The Inside Story: Robie Harris
by Ellen Myrick
Children’s & Teen Librarian
November/December 2005
Volume VIII, Issue 10
Sex Ed for the Stroller Set
by Jodi Kantor
New York Times
November 17, 2005
Parents Encouraged to Discuss Death in Moments They Don’t Have To
by Samantha Critchell
the Associated Press
March 22, 2005
Readers can find out how Michael Emberley draws the “bird” character that appears in IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL and IT’S SO AMAZING! at:
Good Night Moon: Early Literacy Experiences that Support Emotional Growth panel
presented at the Zero to Three National Training Institute
New Orleans, LA
December 3-7, 2003
One on One with Author Robie Harris
by Alicia Potter
FamilyFun magazine
March 2004
The Perfectly Amazing Robie Harris
an interview with Tana Elias
Friends of the CCBC Newsletter
Number 2, 2000
A Kids’-eye View of Sex Ed
by Bella English
The Boston Globe
January 25, 2000
The Booklist Interview
by Stephanie Zvirin
May 1, 1996
Creating Children’s Books Takes the Effort, Talent of Many
by Donya Dickerson
Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market 2001
January 2001

I love being interviewed by the
media — whether it’s a newspaper, magazine,
TV or radio, or an on-line interview — or
to have my work analyzed by other professionals.
Their comments and questions force me to
think hard about my past work and hopefully
make my current work even better.