CRASH! BOOM! A Math Tale

Candlewick Press, May 8, 2018

Illustrated by Chris Chatterton

CRASH! BOOM! A Math Tale, the first of two early math picture books illustrated by the amazing Chris Chatterton will be published on May 8th by Candlewick Press. Elephant has a bucket of blocks and wants to build something tall. Something as tall as Elephant. But will it stay up? Follow along as Elephant goes through the up and downs of creating something new and finally celebrates the sheer joy and pride of success. Have fun discovering a myriad of math and other STEM concepts within the story and within the art, including counting, doubling, measuring, questioning, estimating, predicting, balance, gravity, and more, Chris is now putting the finishing touches on our second early math book, which will be published next year.

Do check out this TERRIFIC TIP CARD. Although this was written for teachers, these tips also give parents and caregivers some ideas when reading to and sharing CRASH! BOOM! with a young child.

Kirkus Reviews
February 20, 2018
An elephant tot stacks wooden blocks to measure height.
Elephant’s block play is just like young readers’: Elephant kneels, crouches, and stands in the course of building towers that equal their own height. A smile and wide-thrown arms express joy and satisfaction with a job well-done. And when the inevitable oops happens, the reaction is also believable: eyes shut tight, mouth a downward bow, and tears…unless it was a purposeful “crash-boom.” But Elephant is not one to give up easily, and they learn through play that one extra-long block, two rectangular blocks, four square blocks on their ends, and eight square blocks on their faces are all the same height. Chatterton’s illustrations combine collaged-in photos of real wooden blocks; an expressive blue cartoon elephant with a purple shirt, dot eyes, and rosy cheeks; and basic backgrounds—either white space or a yellow wall and green carpet separated by a white baseboard. Unlike many other math titles, there is no note to parents or teachers and no directions to kids—it’s just a simple tale of a child exploring with blocks. Elephant’s pure joy in exploration and success are sure to be catching, so make sure the blocks are close at hand. (Picture book. 3-7)